Frequently Asked Questions

How do I advertise a job to students/graduates?

Go to and click on the 'Employers' tab. Please login OR create an account to post a job. You will then be able to track, view and edit your job postings. Once you submit your job posting, please allow for 48 hours for a Career & Student Success Advisor to approve your posting. Back to top

How do I arrange to come on campus to recruit students?

We offer many different events and opportunities for employers on campus. We can offer you a space in a highly populated area on campus for students to drop by and learn more about your company and job opportunities. We also organize program specific, summer job fairs and networking breakfasts. As well, employers can host an information session where students are invited to listen to a presentation and network with representatives on or off campus. Humber Career Services will help to promote your event to students. Please call Vicki Reay at 416.675.5032 for more details. Back to top

Do you run co-op or field placements out of the college and who do I contact about those?

Yes, we do but they are de-centralized within each school and program. Please contact the representative from the academic school. Contact information can be found at Field Placement & Co-op
You may contact one of our Career & Student Success Advisors for more information. Back to top

What is the difference between field placement and co-operative education? Are field placements subsidized?

Field Placement is a mandatory component of most programs at Humber College. It is an experiential component that is a pre-requisite to graduation. It can be paid or unpaid. Co-operative Education is always a paid placement. Students may work between 24-35 hours a week, no less than 12 weeks, preferably 16 weeks. Co-operative Education can be completed at different times of the year. Please check with the program coordinators of those programs for more information at Field Placement & Co-op. This program may be subsidized by the government.

For more information, please check with:
Ministry of Finance
Tax Design and Legislation Branch
95 Grosvenor Street
Toronto, ON M7A 1Z1
416.325.2516 OR 416.325.2468 Back to top

Who would I speak to about graduates from a particular program?

You should contact the Career & Student Success Advisor that handles that program. Back to top

Where can I find information on Apprenticeship Programs?

If you are looking for information on our apprenticeship training go to or email Back to top

Where can I look for opportunities to link with Internationally Trained Professionals?

You can visit, OR, email, or call 1.877.944.5744. Back to top

Where can I find assistance with corporate training?

The Corporate Education Centre works with organizations to understand their needs and to create a customized and focused training plan that supports their business objectives.
For a complimentary complementary needs assessment go to our website or email Back to top

Who can I contact for further information?

Head to 'Contact Us' for all the ways to contact us. You can either pick up the phone and give us a ring, fill out an e-form, or look through our Career Services staff directory to speak to someone related to the particular academic school. Either way we look forward to speaking to you. Back to top

I can't find my job posting on your website. How come?

There are a few reasons this is happening.

  1. Are you positive you posted it on
  2. It may still be pending for approval. If it has been more than 48 hours since you submitted it, give us a call and we will look into it for you.( contact information)
  3. It may not have been approved. Please read out our policy for more information.
    (Job Posting Policy - PDF file, Employer Recruitment Policy - PDF file)
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I represent a hiring agency. Can I post a job and/or come on campus to recruit?

Unfortunately not. Please read our policy for more information. (Job Posting Policy - PDF file, Employer Recruitment Policy - PDF file) Back to top