Career Workshops / Class Visits

Career Workshops / Class Visits

Career Services offers a variety of career-focused presentations and workshops to help your students succeed from orientation to graduation and beyond. Workshops include job search preparation, school to work transition and career management.

Helping You Provide Career-Focused Education to Humber Students

The Conference Board of Canada's Employability Skills report identifies a number of competencies that individuals need to enter, stay in, and progress in the world of work. The links below consist of in-class workshops and services that complement the skills and knowledge students are acquiring through their academic curricula. The sessions, presented by Career & Student Success Advisors from the Humber Career Services, have been designed to help students build "soft" skills and gain awareness that will contribute to their career and employment success...

From Orientation...

Searching for career-focused content that builds skills and knowledge?

Knowing Yourself

  • Who Am I? An Introduction to Personality Dimensions®
  • Personality Dimensions® is an assessment tool that fosters increased self-knowledge through a facilitated self-discovery model. During this introductory workshop, you will learn how this tool can help you discover your temperament, skills and values.

  • Strengths and Skills: What are Yours?
  • "What are your strengths?" Before rushing to just answer the questions, take some time to figure them out! Using a variety of learning activities and interactive exercises, you will explore your natural strengths and developed skills, and learn to apply them in a career context.

  • Career Planning and Decision Making
  • Did you know that a career path is something you should research and plan? This workshop will introduce you to the four-stage career planning process so you can make informed decisions to help you reach your career goals.

  • The Product You're Selling is YOU!
  • Landing a job requires much savvy and the ability to sell your skills in 30 seconds or less. Prepare, practice and perfect your elevator speech so you can impress employers in the interview process.

  • Goal Setting: Making it Work for You
  • To be successful in your job search, you will need to set goals. This workshop will outline the pitfalls and possibilities of setting outcomes and help you achieve success – the SMART way.

Exploring Options

  • Career Cruising – Assessing, Researching, and Exploring Your Career Options
  • Still not sure what you want to do when you grow up and graduate? Curious about your career options? Looking for some great Canadian content? Experience this online tool and get ready to engage in some Career Cruising.

  • What's Happening Out There? 5 Workplace Trends in the 'New' Economy
  • The job market is changing at a quick pace. Join this workshop and learn about the five key market trends that are shaping the Canadian labour landscape. Get the edge you need to survive and thrive in today's job market.

  • Getting the Inside Scoop: Informational Interviews
  • Gaining access to information is helpful in your career decision making. Making contacts, however, is essential and vital to your career success. Get the inside scoop on informational interviews and learn how to make them work for you.

  • Navigating Online: Where to Start and How to Get Past the Robots?
  • Looking for jobs online can be overwhelming, confusing and frustrating. Let us direct you to some leading links that can help jump-start your job search and how to get through Applicant Tracking Software (ATS).

Getting Focused

  • Understanding Canadian Workplace Culture and Employment
  • Living, working and studying in a new cultural setting can be both exciting and confusing. This workshop will introduce you to some of the essential communication/cultural skills required to survive and succeed in the highly competitive Canadian workplace.

  • Career Fairs: Expectations and Realities
  • Do you know what to expect at a career fair? How prepared are you to navigate your way around the room? Get some ‘real’ perspectives to help you get it right.

  • Portfolio Development - Do's and Don'ts
  • Portfolios aren't just for art and design students anymore! Employers are seeking more than a simple resume. Portfolios are now playing a greater role in the review and hiring process. Discover what to include, and not, in your portfolio package and the best websites to host your online portfolio.

  • Writing Resumes that WOW!
  • Does your resume stand out for the right reasons? Crafting a winning resume requires skill, strategy and lots of creativity, too. Discover the secrets that experts use to write resumes that WOW!

  • Is Your Cover Letter Working for You?
  • Cover letters can help you stand out from the competition and get you the job. How effective is yours? Learn how to craft a cover letter that captures the interests and expectations of employers.

Taking Action

  • LinkedIn for Career Success
  • LinkedIn can be a valuable social networking tool during your job search and beyond. Learn the best ways to create a professional profile, and how to connect with potential employers and tap into the power of your network.

  • Making Your 'Net' Work: Taking Your Job Search on Social Media
  • Job searching has changed over the last decade and continues to evolve in different ways. How current is your approach, and is your ‘net’ really working? Discover the power of social media in your job search and how to make it work for you!

  • 10 Ways to Stand Out and Get Noticed
  • Looking for creative yet effective ways to stand out and get noticed? Learn about ten simple but different methods that you can use to make a memorable impression on prospective employers.

  • 7 P's to Successful Interviewing
  • You've got the interview, now what? With a little bit of work, you can ace it using the 7 P's: Preparation, Process, Protocol, Poise, Presentation Power, Positivity, and Purposeful Closure.

  • Uncovering Hidden Treasures in the Job Market
  • Looking for a job is similar to digging for gold - it requires much effort, true grit and the ability to dig deep for hidden treasures. This workshop will prepare you for the sometimes rocky road ahead and provide techniques on uncovering 'golden' opportunities in the job market.

To Graduation...

Need specialized career help to manage the school-to-work transition?

Getting Employed

  • Are You Dressed to Impress?
  • First impressions are lasting impressions. This workshop reveals the basic do’s and don’ts of what to wear for the interview while practicing several workplace norms with feedback. Students will also review some common interview practices and learn how to impress employers, colleagues, and clients with an appropriate sense of professionalism and style.

  • Surviving Salary Negotiations
  • What are your salary expectations? Providing a suitable answer can make the difference whether you survive the interview, or not. This workshop will walk students through the process of evaluating, negotiating, and accepting job offers; starting your career and dealing with unspoken workplace norms.

  • Cultural Adaptation: Working in Canada
  • Are you new to the Canadian workplace? This workshop will help you understand the culture shock associated with starting a new job in Canada and the ways in which the Canadian work culture is similar to and different from other countries. Increase your understanding of Canadian workplace expectations and learn strategies to manage your transition from school-to-work.

And Beyond...

Looking for an evening service for continuing education students & alumni?

Advancing Skills

  • Career Advancement Service (CAS)
  • Need a guest speaker to come in to your evening class and share some tips and insights on resumes, cover letters, and job search strategies? Perhaps, you would like a quick overview of the career services available to continuing education students? Be sure to take advantage of our coaching and resume service to help your students advance their skills. To learn more, please visit Career Advancement Service (CAS).


To schedule a Workshop Session for your class, please contact the Career & Student Success Advisor for your Academic School and campus.

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