Frequently Asked Questions

What can Career Services help me with?

Career Services can help you with the following:

  • Access to computers for typing up your resume and cover letters, updating your LinkedIn profile, and searching for jobs (during busy times, there is a limit of 30 minutes)
  • Free printing, faxing, and photocopying for job related purposes only
  • Resume Tutors and an online Resume Review service
  • Career & Student Success Advisors
  • Research resources available to borrow with a valid student card
  • Updated handouts for tips on how to write a resume and cover letter, interview strategies, job search websites, etc.
  • Job postings for part-time, full-time, summer, volunteer, on-campus and internship opportunities

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What is a Career & Student Success Advisor?

Our Career & Student Success Advisor can help you with career related topics such as interview preparation and techniques, job search assistance, career resources, tips on making your professional online presence, employer connections and career management strategies.
If you are unsure of what career direction you should follow and are looking for guidance, please contact ext. 5030 at North Campus, ext. 5028 at Lakeshore Campus or email from Orangeville Campus. Back to top

I need help with a resume and/or cover letter, what do I do?

Book an appointment with a Resume Tutor by calling 416.675.5030 or ext. 5030 at the North or 416.675.5028 or ext. 5028 at the Lakeshore or drop in. You can also drop in and if all our tutors are busy, we can schedule a time for you to come back. At the North Campus we are located in the Academic & Career Success Centre in the Learning Resource Commons, First Floor. At the Lakeshore Campus we are located in the Academic & Career Success Centre in the Student Welcome Centre, First Floor Room Wel105. For Orangeville students, please email and a Career & Student Success Advisor will schedule a time to come to your campus to review your resume. A resume tutor will assist you in formatting your resume and cover letter, check spelling and grammar and ensure your application is tailored to the job posting. They can also provide you with cover letter and resume samples to assist you in constructing a polished document. When arriving for your appointment, please bring with you a copy of your current resume with the job posting to receive feedback.
If you think your resume is ready to send to employers try our Online Resume Review service to get a second opinion on your final draft. Go to "Students & Alumni" and login to access the service. Back to top

I can't come to campus, how can I get my resume and/or cover letter looked at?

Try our Online Resume Review service. GO to "Students & Alumni" and login for access. You will get a response within 24 hours during Business hours. Back to top

I have an interview coming up. Help!

Career Support Peers (CSPs) can assist you in preparing for a job interview through a simulated interview session. This practice session will give you insight into how to best answer the interview questions, how to dress and how to monitor your body language. Book an appointment with a CSP now!

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How do I apply to work on campus while going to school?

Your first step is to get approved by Financial Services. The Work Study Application form must now be completed online at Click on Student Awards & Financial Aid and then click on Apply for Student Aid. Select Word Study from the drop down menu. To be eligible to apply, you must be a Canadian citizen, enrolled in at least 60% of a full-time course load (some students with disabilities are considered full-time at a 40% course load), a satisfactory academic standing, demonstrate financial need and have a Social Insurance Number. Students who wish to work full-time during the summer (40 hours) must be returning full-time in the fall. During the school year, full time students may work up to 24 hours a week. For more detailed information, head to "Working on Campus" page. Back to top

I am an international student. Can I work on campus?

If you are an international student, you are able to work on campus. Although you are not eligible to be a work study, many departments do hire International Students throughout the school year and summer months. If you see a job postings on our CareerConnect Job Search Site that is tagged for a work study student, we suggest you reach out to the hiring manager directly and inquire if they are open to hiring an International Student. You can submit a resume to the hiring Schools/Departments at either Humber College or University of Guelph-Humber for consideration. The hiring area will contact you back if you are being offered an interview. For more detailed information head to International Students - Working While Studying.

You will require a Canadian Social Insurance Number (SIN) to be employed for work on campus.
If you are not sure of the process, please visit the International Centre at the North Campus – 2nd floor, Learning Resource Commons, or the Lakeshore Campus - Room H100A.

NOTE: Immigration policies are evolving and students should review the CIC website and also visit the International Centre. To learn more about working while studying, please visit:
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I am an international student and I have a CV/resume I used back home, but I'm not sure if it is appropriate to apply for jobs in Canada. How can I fix it to make it more effective for the Canadian job market?

Items on a CV/resume outside of Canada may not be the norm in this job market. Meet our Career & Student Success Advisor or a Peer Resume Reviewer to learn how to make your resume more effective. Back to top

I've applied to so many jobs and have gotten no responses, what do I do now?

The job search process can be a frustrating one. If your current strategy isn't working, request an appointment with our Career & Student Success Advisor to come up with a new, more effective job search plan. Back to top

Do I really need to be on LinkedIn?

Yes! LinkedIn can not only help you be noticed by employers, but is an invaluable tool to build your network and communicate with professionals that can assist you on your career journey. Request an appointment with a Career Support Peer or check out our Social Networking career resources to start building your LinkedIn profile. Back to top

Do I have to book an appointment to meet with a Career & Student Success Advisor, or can I just drop in?

Quick 15-20 minute support drop-ins are welcome. If your drop-in session requires more time, the Advisor may suggest you book an appointment for a more in-depth session. Scheduled appointments can be up to 1hr in length.

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I am a student with a disability, what services do you offer to help me?

Humber is committed to providing inclusive opportunities for students with disabilities to participate in all aspects of student life. Please take advantage of the services that we provide in Career Services, from resume and cover letter reviews to the CareerConnect Job Search Site and practice interviews - we can help you at each step in the process. For more detailed information head to Students with Disabilities page. Back to top

I am an Aboriginal student, what services do you offer to help me?

There are many job opportunities that are looking to hire Aboriginal students. Our Career & Student Success Advisor can work with you to find those opportunities. As well, you can use CareerConnect Job Search Site to search out jobs targeting specifically to you. For more detailed information head to Aboriginal Students page. Back to top

I am graduating, what should I do to find a job related to my program of study?

Congratulations, you are almost done! We suggest you request an appointment with a Career & Student Success Advisor to come up with a job search plan. As well, you can check out job postings that are specifically for Humber students and graduates on our CareerConnect Job Search Site. Back to top

I just recently graduated. Can I still use Career Services?

As a graduate, you can continue to access the CareerConnect Job Search Site with your student ID and password (if you can't remember it, call x8888). Online you have access to career resources, job postings and job search advice. As a full-time program graduate, you have access to all Career Services and can still meet with our Career & Student Success Advisor. We also encourage you to follow us on social media to receive updates on events and job search tips. Back to top

Does Career Services handle co-op and placements?

No, the Career Services does not handle co-op or placements. For co-op or placement inquiries, you should contact your Program Co-ordinator or check the program list and contacts for Placement Advisors for each academic school. Back to top

Is there a cost to use the fax machine, printer, and photocopier in the Academic and Career Success Centre?

No, there is no cost for using the fax machine, printer and photocopier. Please use the equipment for job related purposes only. NOTE: We do not currently have a fax machine at the Lakeshore Campus. Back to top