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Working on Campus (Work Study)

Working on Campus (Work Study)

Most positions on campus are relatively flexible - so if you have an exam approaching or an assignment due, your employer will usually adapt your work schedule (of course, you'll have to ask in advance!).

Work On Campus Eligibility

Working on campus while you are a Humber or Guelph-Humber student is a great way to gain some valuable work experience, learn about resources and services at Humber, and to earn some extra cash.

Work Study Dates:

Fall 2018/Winter 2019: start date Tuesday September 4, 2018, end date Monday, April 26, 2019. (Maximum 24 hours per week)

The rate of pay for student positions is from $14 and up per hour. You must be in satisfactory academic standing to work on campus.
To work on campus you also need to be considered a full-time student under OSAP's definitions (for most students this means a minimum 60% course load; some students with disabilities are considered full-time at a 40% course load), and you will need a Social Insurance Number.

To recap:

  • If you are studying full-time during the Fall/Winter terms, you may only work part-time (maximum of 24 hours per week) in the Fall/Winter semester.
  • To work in the Summer semester you must be returning to your studies full-time in the Fall semester.
  • Students not returning for the Fall semester – may work part-time hours if they are studying FT in their program's Summer semester.
  • If you are studying full-time during the Summer semester, you may only work part-time ( maximum 24 hours per week) in the Summer semester.
  • If you are studying part-time or not attending the Summer semester, you may work full-time (maximum 40 hours per week ) in the Summer semester.
  • Rate of pay is from $14 and up per hour
  • You must be in satisfactory academic standing
  • You must be a full-time Humber College/University of Guelph-Humber student in Fall 2018 (minimum 60% course load, some students with disabilities are considered full-time at a 40% course load)
  • You need a Social Insurance Number

Work Study

Some positions may be marked "Work Study Only". This means that in addition to the requirements above, you must be an Ontario resident, and demonstrate financial need. You must be approved by Financial Aid as being Work Study eligible before you apply for positions. If you are a Humber student you may apply for approval online at MyHumber.

If you have already completed a Fall / Winter Work Study online application, you do not need to complete another application to work in the Summer semester. If you have not completed a Fall / Winter Work-Study online application – you must complete one online in the Summer.

If you are a Guelph-Humber student you must complete a paper format application to work at Humber, which you can get at the Academic & Career Success Centre (Learning Resource Commons, 1st floor); to complete your Work Study at GH, you must apply with a paper application at GH Financial Aid.

If you are an International student or a non-resident of Ontario, there are many work opportunities for you on campus. Look for positions that indicate that the position is open to you (for example they may state "International/Non-Residents students are welcome to apply").

When do I apply for on campus jobs?

For Fall positions, many departments post their positions in the Summer (August & September) which means you should start to check the job portals before you come back to school in the Fall. Come back to Humber College/University of Guelph-Humber prepared – update your resume during the summer and take it to the Career Services for feedback.

For Summer positions, many are posted beginning in February, and they continue to post right up until the Summer.

Where can I work on campus?

Lots of departments hire students to work, including:

  • Athletics
  • Student Life Programs (Orientation, Leadership, Residence, First Year Experience ,etc.)
  • Peer Programs (peer mentors, peer tutors)
  • Aboriginal Resource Centre
  • Student Wellness & Accessibility Centre
  • Public Safety
  • Student Events
  • International Centre
  • Library
  • Facilities
  • LinX
  • Recruitment (Campus tour guide)
  • Humber Arboretum (student gardeners, nature camp counsellors, Jr. Nature Interpreters, photography/videography, office and operations support)
  • Humber Students Federation, as well as the academic schools.

How do I find the positions and apply?

We encourage all departments to post their positions on the CareerConnect job site or, for University of Guelph-Humber students, at

Check out the listings. If you see something that appeals to you, read through the entire job posting, and apply in the manner outlined (usually you need to submit your resume and a cover letter, but sometimes employers may want to see examples of your work).

Don't forget the Career Services advisors can look over your resume and cover letter to help make it most effective for you!

You are hired - what to expect?

Congratulations! You got a job on campus. Here is a list of some things that you should be aware of. It's a good idea to read through it, and ask your supervisor for clarification if you're unsure of something.

You are expected to:

  1. Read the complete position description - what does the job entail. If you are unsure of something, ask.
  2. Be aware of the hours - how many hours a week will you work? Are these set hours or do they change regularly?
  3. Be notified of the rate of pay.
  4. Know the start and end dates.
  5. Know who your supervisor (who you report to) is. This is the person who you should notify if you are late or unable to come to work, or if you have a work-related concern. If your supervisor is away, who should you report to in their place?
  6. Attend (and be paid for) all training, including those mandated by Humber (diversity training, workplace safety, etc.)
  7. Arrive at work on time when scheduled to work, and give as much notice as possible if you cannot attend.
  8. Get all required breaks/lunch while working.
  9. Dress appropriately for the work (eg. Work boots, office attire, etc.)
  10. Be prepared to work when you arrive, and work to your best ability.
  11. Behave in a professional manner.
  12. Ask for help if/when you need it.
  13. Be provided with meaningful work – although sometimes your work might not seem meaningful and may be mundane (stuffing envelopes, hanging posters, etc), most of the time your work should be relevant. It is also the goal of working on campus that you will gain valuable work experience, and learn something new! However, remember that even seemingly-mundane work can also be a learning experience, and can produce resource-saving ideas and tips.
  14. Receive feedback throughout your work term.
  15. Give and get respect. Humber is a diverse community and all of our members are treated fairly and with respect.
  16. Follow all Humber policies, and assume that others in the Humber community will do so also. These include, but are not limited to, Humber's Sexual Assault and Sexual Violence Policy and Procedures, Accessibility Policy, Gender Diversity Policy, Human Rights Policy and Procedures.

What to Expect on Your First Day?

  • Be prepared, and make a good first impression! Arrive on time, dressed appropriately and ready to work.
  • Your supervisor will welcome you and introduce you to others you will be working with. You will be shown your work station. If your position is within an office, at this point you may want to set up your computer and you may be advised to read over some relevant work information.
  • On the first day, you will usually have a meeting with your supervisor about the job and the current priorities. This is a great time to ask any questions you may have, from simple questions (where are the washrooms?) to more complex ones (specific to the role). But it's not your only time to ask questions, so don't fret if you forget to ask something.

Your First Week/Few Days

Slowly you will become more familiar and comfortable with your work environment, and the work that you are doing. By the end of your first week, or first few shifts, you will begin to know the routine and know what is expected of you. Remember, if at any point, you are unsure about something, ask!

Other Information

You are NOT eligible to work on campus if you are:

  • A second career student
  • Not in full-time studies
  • Not a Humber College or University of Guelph-Humber student



To apply for positions that are listed "Work Study Only", you must be approved for the Work Study program. If you have completed the Fall / Winter Work Study Application online, you do NOT need to complete another one for the Summer semester.

You can complete the Fall /Winter Work Study Application online at (click on Student Awards & Financial Aid, then click on Apply for Student Aid and select Work Study from the drop down menu).

NOTE: To work on campus you also need to be considered a full-time student under OSAP's definitions (for most students this means a minimum 60% course load; some students with disabilities are considered full-time at a 40% course load), and you will need a Social Insurance Number.


Are you a University of Guelph-Humber student seeking approval to work for a Humber College School/Department?

If YES, Humber Career Services staff will give you a paper application form to fill-in and complete for Work-Study approval.

Are you a University of Guelph-Humber student seeking approval to work for a University of Guelph-Humber School/Department?

Effective immediately, all students can now apply to University of Guelph-Humber on-campus part-time jobs. Preference will be given to students who are Work Study eligible; demonstrating financial need as evidenced through an OSAP application. Students are no longer required to complete a form to determine Work Study eligibility. By applying to a University of Guelph-Humber on-campus part-time job, students will be authorizing Student Financial Services to disclose their Work Study eligibility status to the designated hiring manager. Any questions about Work Study eligibility should be directed to Student Financial Services in GH 112. For more information visit: University of Guelph-Humber website.

NOTE: Please watch carefully that you use the correct form depending where you apply for employment - University of Guelph-Humber or Humber College.

International Students

As noted above, you will not apply for Work-Study approval; however, you are eligible to submit a resume to the hiring Schools/Departments at either Humber or Guelph/Humber for consideration. The hiring area will contact you back if you are being offered an interview.

You will require a Canadian Social Insurance Number (SIN) to be employed for work on campus.

If you are not sure of the process, please visit the International Centre at the North Campus – 2nd floor, Learning Resource Commons, or the Lakeshore Campus - Room H100A.

NOTE:  Immigration policies are evolving and students should review the CIC website and also visit the International Centre.

To learn more about working while studying, please visit:

The Career Services Resources - "Working While Studying at Humber"

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