Career & Student Success Advising

Are you a current student that has a concern related to your academic and career pathway? Not sure if you are in the right program? Thinking of switching programs? Seeking career advice?

Our Career & Student Success Advisors can provide guidance and support from the moment you start your program through graduation. They will work with you to guide your academic and career journey and connect you to on-campus resources and support services.

Helping you Map your Path

Our Goal Planning System (GPS) will help you track your education pathway at Humber and learn how our Advising and Career Services can be used every step of the way. From planning your academic progress on your first day, to researching job search strategies on your last - we help bridge the connection between your educational and career goals.

We also have other academic success tools that you can work through on your own, or bring to an appointment with an Advisor to get more guidance. We encourage you to use our Goal Planning Worksheet and Academic Solutions Checklist as part of your personalized academic success plan at Humber!

Don't forget to check out our workshops!

We host Career Steps Workshops offered every month on various topics including Resume and Cover Letters, Mastering the Art of Interviews, Getting Yourself LinkedIn, and free LinkedIn Profile Headshots?

Check out our Events & Workshops page for more information!

Virtual & In-Person Appointments

We have same day "drop-in" advising appointments! New

Our drop-in advising service is designed to offer quick assistance to students with urgent inquiries, ensuring that no question goes unanswered. When your faculty Career & Student Success Advisor isn't available, we're here to step in and provide same-day appointments with dedicated advisors. Our primary goal is to connect you with the resources and guidance you need, addressing your immediate concerns effectively.

What Kinds of Things Can Advising & Career Services Help Me With?

Academic progress planning

General job search strategies

Assessments for personal discovery of strengths and values

Using the CareerConnect job portal for on/off campus jobs (full/part time, volunteer or placements)

Program exploration and educational pathways

Career planning and assessments

Tips for academic success and connecting to other services and resources on campus

Job skills appointments with a Career Support Peer for resume and cover letter review, interview prep and LinkedIn profile assistance