Appointment with Career Support Peers

How to Register and Book in WCOnline

Who can use this instruction?

To book a virtual appointment for resume or cover letter review, mock interview, or LinkedIn profile review, please book through:

Registering for an Account

2. On the WCOnline homepage, click on "Register for an account".
3. Fill out the required information: email address, first and last name, course, Faculty (formerly School), student number, and phone number.
4. Choose a password to use for your account (It must be at least 10 characters).
5. Select your email preferences. We recommend that you keep the default settings (This can be updated at a later time; see: "Modifying Account Information" below).
6. Click "Register".

Booking an Appointment

1. On the WCOnline homepage, enter your email address and password.
2. Select a schedule from the drop-down list (Peer Resume/LinkedIn/Interview).
Schedule a Career Support Peer Appointment Using WCOnline
3. Click "Log In".
4. Use the Next week | Current week | Previous week buttons on the calendar icon to find the date you want.
5. The date and time are shown along the top of each day while Career Support Peer names are listed along the left. Click on a white space under the time you want with the CSP of your choice.
6. Confirm the start and end time of your appointment (appointments can be half an hour or an hour).
7. Complete the New Appointment booking form. Write a short description of what you are hoping to accomplish during the appointment. Be sure to attach your resume/cover letter or a job posting you are interested in preparing for. Then click "Save appointment". You will receive a confirmation email with your appointment information and a link to the scheduling system.