Highlights from Advisor Training

Moving from Surviving to Thriving; Advising Across Identities

Highlights from Advisor Training 2018

May 24, 2018 | North Campus
May 25, 2018 | Lakeshore Campus

Day 1 at North Campus

On May 24 and 25, 2018, student advisors from Humber College gathered to learn, brainstorm and share our thoughts. Here's a look at Day 1.

Tanya De Mello

Keynote speaker Tanya De Mello during her informative session "Moving from Surviving to Thriving; Advising Across Identities".

Career Mapping session

Advisors learned a creative approach towards career exploration during the Career Mapping session.

Taking a break

Advisors refueling before the afternoon training sessions.

Advisors learning

Advisors learning how to recognize microaggressions and implicit bias.

Day 2 at Lakeshore Campus

Chantal Joy and Jelena Dukic

Chantal Joy and Jelena Dukic providing a comprehensive overview of what Humber's student population looks like.

Ryerson colleagues is speeking

Ryerson colleagues, Paul Sileika and Mariam Hashemi Wong, introducing coaching tips and techniques for advising.

Here's a look into our second annual Advisor Training Day 2, Lakeshore Campus

International Student Advisor

International Student Advisor, Matthew Keefe, helping Advisors identify who our International Students are, how Immigration can influence their academic path, and how the International Centre can support.


Advisors exploring the difference between probing and clarifying questions and how they can be utilized effectively in a student advising session.